The walls of of the Friends of Alewife Reservation serve as a gallery for pictures of wildlife at the Reservation and for original works of art by staff and partners of FAR. One of the first activities for this year's students was to select a picture or piece of artwork and spend several minutes quietly observing and reflecting on how it made them feel. Below are several examples of their work.

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Painting: Watercolor by Ellen MassBased on a work by Emily Carr
Poem: by L.Untitled

The mystery of the earth, wind and treesUsed to never interest meBut now I stand among the whistling leaves and it's clear to seeThat what was once an intricate design to meThat was once mystery and divine to meThat before didn't seem to align with meThat before I refused to take the time to seeEvery flower, bird and treeAmong which I finally felt freeAltogether appeared to be Mother Nature's perfect Harmony